Black & White

Black and white typography is a classic medium, but the lasting impact Herb Lubalin's distinctive typography had on design sets his work apart.

Lubalin designed many logos and print ads alongside his magazines. Though Lubalin rarely drew his lettering himself, he collaborated with others for his predominantly type-centric work.

As his 1959 ad for Sudler & Hennessy declares, Lubalin lets his typography talk; it is known for its expressiveness and illustrative nature, and it remains ground-breaking and unique.

Let's Talk Type

Herb Lubalin, 1959
A Trade-journal advertisement for the advertising company Sudler & Hennessy

Mother & Child

Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase, 1965
A masthead designed for a Curtis magazine.


Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase, 1971
A holiday card announcing the year 1972.

Zebra Logo

Herb Lubalin and Mike Randazzo, 1970
A logo for Zebra Associates.