WEEK 4: 02.13.17-02.17.17

The choice of my first project theme, Victoriana, comes with it some questions of user experience.

I set out on this collection theme with the goal of taking what I find interesting in artifacts and other media from or about the Victorian era and creating a sort of curated online museum for it all. This, of course, is super subjective, and I could see some empty stares when I described the theme to the class last week.

Nonetheless, this brought me to the question of the audience for my collection. While the project is very much a collection of things I, as the collector, am passionate about, it's a collection that is meant to be viewed by others, and is thus audience-driven.

My previous findings led me to believe that the experience of the user is just as important as the experience and role of the designer, so I presume my audience for this project to be my classmates and professors.

Because this is not a project aimed at, for example, academics or experts on the Victorian era, I can take a much more shallow look at the objects I collect without having to worry as much about things such as circumstances of the period, historical informment of my commentary, or the particulars of each artifact.

In order to aid the audience of my collection, I believe that I should create the site as a figurative toe-dip into the pool of Victoriana and the Victorian Era in general. Many of my classmates have taken or are taking the History of Design (1850s-2000s) course that is required by the Communication Design course at The New School, which explores the Victorian era in terms of industrialized design in the second week.

From my experience of the course, I quite enjoyed that week and its readings because I had preexisting interest in the Victorian era. Very few of my classmates showed the same level of interest. This may be because they're more interested in contemporary design and the later designs of Art Nouveau and Modernism, but the main point is that their eyes glaze over whenever the steam engine or the Gothic Revival are mentioned.

To that end, my aim is to project the Victorian Era through this collection in a light that makes it seem interesting and relevant to modern times with consideration for my audience, students and professors in this course and at the New School.